Welcome to the Connecting Communities Conference 2016

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icare (Insurance & Care NSW) delivers insurance and care services to the people of New South Wales. Whether a person is severely injured in the workplace or on our roads, icare supports their long-term care needs to improve quality of life outcomes, including helping people return to work.

Ufirst, an initiative of icare, brings together participants from the health system and the community to co-design better solutions to improve injury prevention and worker recovery.

Ufirst seeks to improve workers’ wellbeing at work, enhance timely and evidence-based treatment for injured workers, and support better health, social and economic outcomes for injured workers disconnected from work.

In strong resilient communities, people feel connected to each other and to the institutions and services that meet their everyday needs and aspirations. Neighbourhood and Community Centres play a vital role in building this sense of connectedness and trust. They nourish community relationships, encourage a collaborative environment, foster inclusion and build capacity. They create opportunities for all sectors within the community to work together to bring about change.

The Connecting Communities Conference will showcase the strength of Neighbourhood Centres to engage with residents in local neighbourhoods, create conditions for lasting change, and connect people and services together for greater impact.

Participants will explore the role of Neighbourhood and Community Centres to create a supportive environment where the voice of vulnerable families and children is heard and they are involved in taking action to improve their lives.

The conference aims to increase the capacity of Neighbourhood Centres to meet the challenges that will come as a result of the TEI Reform process and step forward into 2017 with renewed enthusiasm for the work of community development and the role they play in creating connected communities.

Connecting Communities Organising Committee

Asha Fonseka, Lyn Lormer and Can Yasmut
Local Community Services Association

Local Community Services Association

Why you must attend

  • Get inspired by Keynote Speakers who are thought leaders in their respective fields
  • Hear from and interact with experienced Collective Impact practitioners from here and overseas
  • Participate in discussions to shape the future of the Community Builders Funding Program
  • Learn what's next – be prepared for the new challenges around the corner
  • Connect with colleagues to share stories and spark new ideas
  • Belong to a movement of community workers that share social justice values and champion community participation and leadership