Welcome to the Connecting Communities Conference 2017

Diversity and Inclusion – Are we there yet?

This year’s LCSA Connecting Communities Conference will explore the essential role of building strong communities in implementing any successful early intervention strategy. In particular the conference will focus on inclusion and diversity as integral in building connection and resilience.

We will be hearing from a range of prominent community leaders representing vulnerable communities as well as the President of the International Federation of Settlement and Neighbourhood Centres, Pentti Lemmetyinen (Finland) talking about diversity and inclusion and the work of Neighbourhood Centres across Europe in advocating for human rights.

There will be three main learning themes weaving through the keynotes, concurrent sessions and Masterclasses to engage the interest of workers, managers, Board members, government, business and community partners. These themes are:

  • Achieving inclusion
  • Leadership in times of change and uncertainty
  • Building strong connected communities

We are also introducing some new elements to the conference such as excursions to nearby communities and Neighbourhood Centres for immersion in and experience of different cultures and place-based activities.

It is also the aim of the conference to increase the capacity of services to meet the expectations of the refocused Targeted Earlier Intervention Reform so they can negotiate transition plans that are more inclusive of Aboriginal and Torres Islander people, more client and community focused, more outcome and evidence driven and part of a fully integrated service system.

The LCSA welcomes all members as well as government and community partners to share their knowledge, ideas and expertise to create a powerful network for community change. We hope you will join us for this fun and energising learning experience."

Who should come

  • Board members, managers and staff of TEI funded services
  • Community services workers based in Local Government
  • FACS staff from Central & District Offices working in the TEI space
  • Community partners from government and non-government agencies working with vulnerable children, young people and families eg education, health, mental health

Why you must come

  • Be inspired by Keynote Speakers who are thought leaders in their respective fields
  • Deepen your understanding of social justice issues and build your capacity to take action on social policy
  • Strengthen strategies for community change and engagement
  • Embrace leadership and governance challenges in times of change
  • Understand and take action to transition successfully to TEI Reforms
  • Connect with colleagues to share experiences and spark new ideas
  • Belong to a network of organisations that share social justice values and champion community connection and leadership